Vegan spots around Seminyak and Canggu

KYND – Seminyak

Plant-based café with cute pink interior, to make the best Instagram pictures.
A totally vegan menu, with special deals almost every day, for example the Tuesday &Thursday deal where you get two pizzas for the price of 1. 

Besides the delicious food they also sell cookbooks and other merchandise. You can also take a course to learn more about plant based cooking. So definitely worth a visit, to shop eat and learn!

Note: No reservations, just walk in. 


Madpops Bali – Canggu

Looks fantastic and tastes fantastic! Mad Pops Artisan Ice creams are coconut based and a real eye-catcher. 100% vegan ice, available in a lot of flavors.
Besides ice cream they also have popsicles handmade from locally sourced seasonal fruits.

Probably after 1 icecream you want to have more and luckily you can! They now also have ice for take away, called; take me home baby.

So, the next time you drive past madpops, pay a visit and you’ll definitely want to visit more often

madpopsbali - Twitter Search / Twitter

Peloton shop Canggu

An iconic vegan café in Canggu. Open everyday from 9:00am till 9:00pm.
Peloton shop is a plant-and-pedal-powered emporium.
Inside you can look for some special edition biking clothes while waiting for your food.
They also sell mayo sauce

You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Peloton. Coffee, pizza, soup, salad, toast, dessert whatever your craving they probably have it on the menu!

Falafel Temple – Canggu

Falafel Temple serves home-cooked, middle eastern food. The whole menu is vegetarian and almost everything is vegan. If you are craving some Moroccan, Turkish or Egyptian food this is the place to go! 

They have an extensive menu for a cheap price. Their main dishes are pita’s, mezze and falafel.

All the different colors on your plate are guaranteed for a lot of taste and look beautiful when you want to take pictures of your food. Does not matter if you are vegan or non-vegan, you are definitely going to like this restaurant.

Vegan Restaurants in Bali - Falafel Temple Canggu

I am vegan babe – Canggu

Wraps, bowls, juices, salads, pancakes, burgers, I am vegan babe got you covered!
Open from 7am – 9pm. Before they only served breakfast and lunch, but because of the great success they are also open for dinner now. 

All the food is without dairy and sans-meat. Order some food and try it yourself, cause you won’t taste the difference if nobody tells you it’s fake meat. 

You can order a healthy salad with veggie juices but also for a big tasty burger this restaurants is the right place. 

I am Vegan Babe, Canggu - The Bali Guideline

Mangiss – Canggu

This is a place you can take all your non-vegan or vegetarian friends to, cause the taste is so good they are not going to miss meat.

They are open everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A chill place to eat surrounded by a lot of plants outside. They serve vegetarian dishes with flavors from the east and who are typically Indonesian, but they also have western food like ravioli. 

If you take a look at their website you can see a picture of every dish.

Ps. Don’t forget to order a big sweet Frappuccino or milkshake. 

The 26 Best Vegan Cafes And Restaurants In Bali - TheBaliGuideline


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