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Pod Chocolate Factory is the world’s first fully plant-based chocolate factory, located in Bali.  Started as a small thatch roofed hut and grew to a world class factory. Pod produces a complete range of dark, non-dairy milk and white on modern European machinery at the factory in Bali. 

What started with contacting local cacao farmers led to a sustainable farming model using microorganisms and improved pest management. In two years Pod doubled the production, improved the quality and were able to pay a much higher price to the farmers.

In Pod’s chocolate factory you can book your own tour. This starts with an ‘chocolate shot’ welcome drink. After this, you will be taken through each step of the chocolate making process. Starting with the cocoa tree and ending in the delicious Pod chocolate.
You can taste the raw cacao beans, the cacao nibs and their handmade Bali chocolate. The tour will end by making your own chocolate, so you can enjoy it at home. 

Free (with free tasting)
Fresh chocolate making:  Rp.100,000


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