Experience a Pirate dinner cruise party

Cracking your brains thinking of how to give your friends or family that one incredible experience during your time in Bali?
It’s simple! Bring them for the pirate dinner cruise party with Sea Safari Cruises!

1. You get to pretend you’re a pirate for a night – wear pirate costumes, and play fun games with the ‘pirate’ crew!
2. There’s great entertainment with live music, belly dance shows, fire dance shows, and fun games with door prizes.
3. It’s all topped off with a delectable buffet dinner aboard the cruise as the sun sets and the ship gently sails on the sea!
You’ll get some pretty fun photos of your night aboard the pirate dinner cruise party, and have a whacky and unforgettable time with your family or friends.
Sound good? It definitely sounds great to us!


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