Discover the secret gardens of Sambangan

Visitbali - Sambangan Secret Garden Exploration

Hidden away far in the north of Bali, there is the village of Sambangan. Only the locals and a handful of tourists have experienced the breathtaking splendor of the jungles and waterfalls near Sambangan, known as the Secret Gardens. The best time to visit the gardens is in dry season, which is between May and September. 

The region is mostly covered in thick flora; trees and marshes. This allows for some perfect treks and other outdoor adventures in the village. In fact, a chance to trek in these areas is what is attracting large numbers of foreign visitors to the village. to reach the gardens, you need to walk about 30 minutes from the parking lot. The Secret Garden is in the middle of the forest but it is guaranteed to be beautiful!  If you go to the ‘Secret Gardens of Sanbangan’ you can explore everything how you want to do it. You can slide down slopes, jump into the water, jump off waterfalls and walk on the trekking path. You can see the green rice fields and the fields of Marigold flowers. 

Sambangan Secret Garden, is an area within Sambangan Village, which has seven waterfalls. Because of the safety of the paths you can only visit 5 of them. The chirping of the birds and the nature around, will contribute to a peaceful ambience. It is far away and not that easy to reach, but when you stay for a longer time in Bali, it is recommended to visit this place.

Sambangan Secret Garden: “Surga Tersembunyi di Bali” | Bali Getaway  Indonesia


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