Best Gyms in Seminyak

Looking for a good gym? We have listed the best gyms in Seminyak for you!

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A high serviced gym with great fitness and classes to get your Bali body in the best shape. The Soham wellness center has everything in one building. You can go to the fitness center, use the spa and wellness center or take a dive in their big swimming pool. There is a healthy café at SOHAM which serves healthy food and provides you with good nutrition after the gym.  You can choose between membership or a day pass. There is the possibility to hit the gym yourself, work with a personal trainer or join one of the classes. 

F45 training
F45 is a worldwide popular challenging team training workout that will get you into shape in no time. The letter F of F45 stands for functional training, which is a combination of circuit training and HIIT that adapts to daily movements. The number 45 represents the number of minutes the workout will last. F45 training is one of the most time-efficient physical training places, up to 750 calories will be burned in one session. Everything takes place in a team, you all do a full-body workout together. Note that an open gym is not available, this gym is only meant for classes. 

F45 Training Seminyak | Team Training | Sign Up Today

De Gym Kerobokan

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 3 mensen, staande mensen en buitenshuis

De Gym Kerobokan is a big gym, which is combined with a co-working space. This is perfect if you want to work out after a long day of work. There is a lot of equipment and on the second floor, there are group classes. You can use the sauna after the gym and you get a towel to use every time you visit the gym. The staff is very friendly and there are a lot of personal trainers. The staff and trainers speak perfect English, which makes it easier to follow a group class. 

Bali fitness Seminyak

Bali Fitness Seminyak -

A cozy small gym in Bali. They were the first to offer the famous Les Mills group, fitness classes. They just renovated and have a state-of-the-art bike studio for the coolest cycle experience.  You can choose between joining the Les Mills group classes or training yourself on the weight and cardio floor. The dumbbells only go up to 25 kg, which means they are not a gym for bodybuilding or powerlifting. 

Note; They are closed on Sunday and at 4:00 pm on Saturday. 

The Bar

The Bali Bible | The Bar

The Bar is a gym located at Sunset road in Seminyak.
It is a strength training gym, focused on helping you to achieve your fitness goals. The nice thing about this gym is everybody has access to coaches. They want everybody to have a proper form and improvement.

Note; there are no treadmills.


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